We provides a world-class CAP 437 Helideck Monitoring System with Preflight Weather Report.


Our secure web portal provides user access to present and historical sensor data.

Voice & Data

We offer communication solutions for daily operation, backup, and evacuation.

Welcome to RigStat Critical data when you need it….even in storms

RigStat®, LP monitoring systems assist clients in automatically capturing, logging, analyzing, displaying, communicating and integrating diverse data streams on a daily basis as well as during evacuations. Data is securely and efficiently transmitted to RigStat® web portal for display, long term archival, alerts and tracking and are available for viewing 24x7.

In a single glance, all assets are displayed along with present conditions, camera images and current and potential offshore storm activity. RigStat® provides an extensive library of map tools displaying nautical charts, platforms, pipelines, weather buoys, live satellite weather imagery, active storms, historical offshore storms, and live helicopter and vessel tracking. The system also displays and calculates course and distance of moving assets. The RigStat® systems also display and calculate course and distance of moving assets as well as allows clients to activate alert notification for movements and extreme weather conditions. Daily, weekly and pre-flight weather reports are automatically emailed to client-selected recipients.

Asset Types Supported: Jackups, Submersibles, Semisubmersibles, Drillships, FPSOs, Production Platforms and Facilities

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