RigStat GPS Asset Tracking Service

Utilizing Globalstar or Inmarsat communications services, we offer premier asset tracking through our highly functional secure web portal. RigStat® GPS Asset Tracking Service gathers the GPS positions of client assets, displays the positions on a global mapping system, and archives the position information for multiple years. Global storm tracking, asset movement, and alarm capabilities of the open, non-propriety RigStat® systems are available with the service. RigStat® offers an unparalleled upgrade path for enhanced monitoring services.

Advantage and Features

  • Affordable tracking solution for remote assets
  • Low maintenance
  • Multi-year battery life
  • Global operations
  • Rugged construction allows operation in extreme temperatures and conditions
  • Easy and inexpensive installation
  • RigStat® interfaces with standards-based GPS units
  • Geo-fence capability

RigStat GPS Asset Tracking Brochure

Service Pricing

RigStat® Asset Tracking Service is competitively priced, and is based upon equipment quantity and GPS positional transmit intervals. Quantity discounts are provided. Please contact RigStat® for a quote.

Globalstar Coverage
Globalstar Simplex Service Area

Inmarsat Coverage
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