Helideck Monitoring System

RigStat® provides a world-class Helideck Monitoring System with Pre-Flight Weather Report capabilities. The multi-feature system interfaces with sensors to provide helicopter and helideck operators with all-inclusive real-time weather and motion monitoring data necessary for making critical decisions. The RigStat® HMS is compliant with CAP 437 and Norway (BSL-D 5-1) requirements.

Helideck Monitoring

RigStat’s Helideck Monitoring System precisely measures and displays the following vital information:

  • UTC Time and Date
  • GPS Location and Heading
  • Min/Max Pitch and Roll; Max Inclination
  • Max Heave, Heave Velocity, and Heave Period
  • Significant Heave Rate
  • Graph of Roll/Pitch/Heave with Selectable Time Periods
  • Vessel and Helideck Heading and Magnetic Variation
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Wind Gust Speed
  • Horizontal Visibility
  • Cloud Layers and Heights
  • Air Temperature
  • QNH and QFE Barometric Pressures
  • Humidity and Dew Point
  • Significant Wave Height
  • Go/No Go Light Indicator
  • Custom Compass Rose

Pre-Flight Weather Report

A single mouse click produces a Pre-Flight Weather Report (a capability required for every helideck monitoring system) which features:

  • User-selectable weather conditions
  • Multiple e-mail address recipients
  • Remarks section for free-form text messages
  • Preview of final report

Web-Portal and Live View

At any time clients can securely view the vessels Pre-Flight Weather Report at theRigStat® Portal. The Pre-Flight Weather Report data fields are automatically updated with the most recently received sensor information. RigStat®also supports the capability to remotely secure access to the vessel Helideck Monitoring System for real-time Live Viewing.

RigStat CAP 437 Helideck Monitoring System Brochure

RigStat Helideck Monitoring System & Southern Avionics Offshore SE125 NDB System Brochure