RigStat Metocean Monitoring Systems

RigStat®, LP utilizes the highest quality of computer equipment, applications and industrial sensors to provide complete and compact weather, location, and inclination monitoring systems. The systems collect and display data inputs from multiple sensors then interfaces the information with digital and analogue devices. RigStat® Monitoring Systems locally display and log metocean parameters. RigStat®systems can also be securely connected to the internet for remote data access and transfer data samples to RigStat®Portal. The system seamlessly expands to include other RigStat®monitoring features.

Metocean parameters may consist of the following:

  • Ocean Current Profile (short and long range instruments)
  • Water Temperature
  • Significant Wave Height

Below is an example of a local RigStat display.

RigStat Environmental & Metocean Monitoring Systems Brochure